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Our first review!


Okay, here goes our first review.  This is a review of the restaurant that caused us to start a review blog in the first place.

Fox and Hound English Pub and Grille.

As SOON as we walked into the restaurant, we should have realized that this was NOT the place we thought it was.  The ONLY thing “English Pub” about the place was that the decor was mostly brown and wooden.  The music was too loud and NEW.  This place screamed yuppie and we were out-of-place right from the go.

Not to be turned away by merely not fitting in (since we’re use to that one!), we decided it might be nice to have some real English food for a change.  I, for one, was seriously hoping for some nice hearty stewed cheese or maybe even a rarebit!  Alas, there was NO proper English food on the ENTIRE menu!!!  We should have paid for our watery drinks and left right then!  We didn’t, and here’s the disaster that followed.

Our order was as follows;

– Top sirloin with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Crispy Onion Strings

– French Dip Sandwich with Au Jus and French Fries

– Pretzel Dunkers with Horseradish Mustard Dip and Queso Dip

– To drink, I ordered a Cherry Cola (real, not the canned crap) and my husband ordered a Jim Beam and Ginger Ale (his favorite)

While we waited, we thumb through the various menus that were propped up on the table.  This lead me to order a drink called a Cherry Cream Soda.

Okay, first came the Pretzel Dunkers.

They seemed to be cut up soft pretzel that were fried to the point of being almost burnt.  They were SO crunchy they were distracting and they had virtually NO flavor left after their harsh treatment.  The queso was…well, we’ll say, interesting.  Queso isn’t really either of our favorites anyway, but we both tried it.  The only redeemable part of our appetizer course was the Horseradish Mustard.  It was delicious and spicy without being overwhelming.

My Cherry Cream Soda came somewhere in between this and after both trying it…we pushed it aside never to be drunk!!!  It was tagged as having vanilla vodka, gernadine and a splash of soda.  It was a weird pink frothy cream soda.  ALL you could taste was the vanilla vodka and neither of us could tell it was supposed to have cherry in it at all.  When our waitress asked if I liked it and was told politely, NO I did not, I somehow expected her to take the offending beverage away.  Instead, it sat on the corner of the table for the rest of the meal…a dismal $6 reminder of why I rarely drink.

Then our food started towards us!!!  This is when we start to get excited, anticipating the lush food that we didn’t have to cook ourselves, for once!  Mind you, I’m particularly happy at this point because it’s been something like six weeks since I’ve gotten to go ANYWHERE without our darling 1 1/2-year-old daughter!!!

It was an immediate let down.

The food was just slapped on the plates with no care for presentation whatsoever!  My husband was quite upset at the fact that the sandwich was nowhere near as big as the waitress had indicated (she was asked specifically, after all) and there were hardly any fries (which are cheap enough to give at least double that amount)!!!  I was aghast at the lack of care put into my plate, altogether.  I think our daughter could have put the potatoes on the plate in less of a splattered mess and the onion strings (that looked so beautifully placed on the steak in the picture) were just thrown on top of the plate like they were hurled at it as it was carried out the door!

Oh well, you can’t judge a book by its cover, as they say.  Unfortunately, the cover indicated EVERYTHING in this case!!!

The first bite of my husband’s sandwich proved the meat to be stone cold and fairly tasteless, as was the same with the roll used.  So, as I got busy cutting my steak, he DIPPED the cold-cut sandwich into the thick, oniony, salty soup they were calling an Au Jus.  After balking at it, he made me try it and it turned out to be nothing more than french onion soup base and water (and NOT enough water).  He opted to smear the horseradish mustard (which we saved from the dunkers) on the sandwich instead of risking a spike in blood pressure from too much salt!  As for the fries…his LEAST favorite thing in the world…”freezer fries”, as he calls them.  You know them, the dried out, bland, cheap-crap fries that most places serve nowadays!  The ones you have to DROWN in ketchup just to get down and the number one reason we try not to order fries very often.  Even our dogs will only eat a few, and they are complete PIGS when it comes to potatoes (even stealing them RAW from the basket).

On to my poor plate.  The steak was tough around the edges but alright in the middle, although, someone in the kitchen needs to learn the difference between the medium RARE that I ordered and the medium (bordering on medium well) that I got.  Whatever, as long as it doesn’t moo at me…I’ll generally eat it (we both will).  But it, too, was cold and nothing more than a cheap, fairly tasteless steak.  I never ask for steak sauce until after I’ve tried my steak (I like to hope for the best) but after just three bites, I called for the A-1.  The potatoes barely tasted of garlic, which is typical of the boxed, instant kind smeared, unceremoniously, over that half of my plate.  The onion string were much the same, the type you can get in industrial packages and you flash-fry them back into their bland life.  I wouldn’t have minded the onion strings so much if the entire dinner hadn’t smacked of freezer meal.

That was the general assessment of both of us.  It was a cheap, freezer-made meal that we just paid through the nose for!  Overall, the price wouldn’t have been bad for a dinner for two with a couple of drinks…if it had been a REAL meal.

After such a disappointing meal, my husband ordered a second drink (which is rare) and the check, while I excused myself to the bathroom.

After sitting in the cold (did I mention how cold it was in there?  Half the women there still had their coats on.), dark, brown-toned room for so long it was QUITE a shock to walk into such a bright weird lime-greenish ladies room!  *shiver*  I’ll try to forget that color, but I’m afraid it may haunt my dreams!

Overall, we feel we wasted our precious time alone on crappy food and atmosphere.  We were hoping for real English fare and we got typical American lack-luster fare.  We aren’t massively picky, but COME ON !  At least CARE !!!


Here we go!


  I never thought WE would have a blog, but the other day, we went out for dinner and it was AWFUL, yet again!!!

  We decided, on the drive home, that we were sick and tired of sub-standard food AND service and that we had something to SAY about it!!!

  When you don’t get to go out very often, whether it’s because you can’t afford it or because you have a little one or WHATEVER  the reason, it just doesn’t seem fair to spend your hard-earned money on food that you would be ashamed to serve at home!!!  Likewise, when you book a hotel only to find that even a RAT would shy away from the place!!!  It pisses you off, as well it SHOULD!!!

  I KNOW that a lot of people will probably dis-agree with some of our reviews.  It stands to reason that everyone is entitled to have an “off” day, even a restaurant, hotel, etcetera.  That said…..this is our basic mission statement;.

 – We will try to be fair in our reviews.  After all, we are not usually nasty people, so we certainly don’t want to look like we are here!

 – We will NOT give any individual person’s name, unless it is in praise, because they have gone above-and-beyond in their service (although this is sadly rare anymore). 

 – We will take into consideration YOUR feelings on the fact that we may have just found one of those pesky “off days” I mentioned.  That is, unless you decide to be nasty about it…then we’ll just delete and ignore you!  So please, be civil.

 – We will take into consideration your thoughts on places we might like to go.  We DO however tend to be the type of people who just drive past somewhere and say “what the heck, let’s try there”.  So don’t be upset if we don’t review your favorite spot!

 – We will tell the truth.  Even if it’s usually one of our favorite places, if the food was crap…we’re going to call it CRAP!  No meanness, but no sugar-coating…that’s how we do most things.

 – We will probably review mostly Restaurants but we also have definite opinions on other stuff.  Like; Hotels, Entertainment (of most any sort really), Stores, and even though my husband scoffs at the idea…I may even put the occasional Book, Magazine, Television Show or Website on here!!!  Hey, this is my party too, not just his!

  I’m SURE I’m forgetting a lot of stuff that we wanted to say but, I we have a BLOG now, so I can write it down later…when I remember where I put the notes I took on the way home!!!