Here we go!


  I never thought WE would have a blog, but the other day, we went out for dinner and it was AWFUL, yet again!!!

  We decided, on the drive home, that we were sick and tired of sub-standard food AND service and that we had something to SAY about it!!!

  When you don’t get to go out very often, whether it’s because you can’t afford it or because you have a little one or WHATEVER  the reason, it just doesn’t seem fair to spend your hard-earned money on food that you would be ashamed to serve at home!!!  Likewise, when you book a hotel only to find that even a RAT would shy away from the place!!!  It pisses you off, as well it SHOULD!!!

  I KNOW that a lot of people will probably dis-agree with some of our reviews.  It stands to reason that everyone is entitled to have an “off” day, even a restaurant, hotel, etcetera.  That said…..this is our basic mission statement;.

 – We will try to be fair in our reviews.  After all, we are not usually nasty people, so we certainly don’t want to look like we are here!

 – We will NOT give any individual person’s name, unless it is in praise, because they have gone above-and-beyond in their service (although this is sadly rare anymore). 

 – We will take into consideration YOUR feelings on the fact that we may have just found one of those pesky “off days” I mentioned.  That is, unless you decide to be nasty about it…then we’ll just delete and ignore you!  So please, be civil.

 – We will take into consideration your thoughts on places we might like to go.  We DO however tend to be the type of people who just drive past somewhere and say “what the heck, let’s try there”.  So don’t be upset if we don’t review your favorite spot!

 – We will tell the truth.  Even if it’s usually one of our favorite places, if the food was crap…we’re going to call it CRAP!  No meanness, but no sugar-coating…that’s how we do most things.

 – We will probably review mostly Restaurants but we also have definite opinions on other stuff.  Like; Hotels, Entertainment (of most any sort really), Stores, and even though my husband scoffs at the idea…I may even put the occasional Book, Magazine, Television Show or Website on here!!!  Hey, this is my party too, not just his!

  I’m SURE I’m forgetting a lot of stuff that we wanted to say but, I we have a BLOG now, so I can write it down later…when I remember where I put the notes I took on the way home!!!


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