FIREBIRDS Wood Fired Grill


We went to go to a movie this afternoon and got sidetracked!  It happens a lot, actually.  We’re use to it.  SOOOO…instead of going to a movie we ended up going shopping.  Being lunchtime, we were both getting hungry and were discussing where to go THIS time when we started past a side of the mall that we don’t usually go by.  There, as big as life, was our answer…Firebirds!  Neither of us had ever been there and we came to our usual conclusion…how bad can it be?

We were VERY pleased when we walked in!  It was lovely.  It looks classy and clean but not in a stuffy way.  We didn’t feel, at all, uncomfortable sitting down to eat in clothes that were MEANT for a movie date, not a dinner.  Of course, knowing us, I try plan for these sort of things so I luckily had made him dress in a decently nice t-shirt instead of one of his MANY tye-dyed ones.  I had actually chosen to wear one of my best shirts.  I don’t know what possessed me to do this, it’s not normal for me to dress THAT nice for a movie!  I guess I just looked at it this morning and suddenly said to myself…I HAD said I bought it because I could wear it out on a “normal” basis (which I hadn’t done yet)!!!  Plus, it is long-sleeved so I wouldn’t need to wear my jacket into the theatre but my arms still wouldn’t get cold!


Right off the bat, we we’re happy to see CLOTH napkins!!!  Nothing is worse than walking into a classy looking place and having flimsy little paper napkins.  I don’t mind if they have those REALLY nice paper napkins, the kind that make you look twice to make sure their paper…but I always prefer cloth.  It’s just says “classy”.  The salt and pepper shakers were even classy!  They were stone.  Not a stone “look”…actually STONE!  Okay, maybe they were heavy ceramic…I don’t know, I’m not an expert.  Whatever!  They were VERY cool.  And more importantly, they were the only thing on the table!  I really hate all the crap they pile on the tables nowadays.  If you need sugar, ketchup, A-1, etc…ASK FOR IT!!!  The wait-staff were all dressed “alike” too.  So there would never really be a question as to who worked there and who might be a customer.  The women were dressed in all black outfits and all had the same silver belts on.  The men were dressed in all black too (sans silver belt!).  Very nice!

The menu seemed small, at first, but they have different menus for dinner and supper.  Although it seemed small, was still fairly hard to choose what to try!  It all looked SO tasty!

This is what we had;

It was easy to pick an appetizer, we both zeroed in on the Ranch Rings!  Tagged as; Buttermilk-battered onion rings with panko bread crumbs and served with Roasted Garlic Ranch Dressing.  It sounded SO good but…it was even BETTER then it sounded!!!  It was one of those dishes that your head tells you there was a large amount but you almost cry when they’re gone!!!  The ranch ITSELF was so good, we held on to it “just in case” (a GOOD choice…keep reading!).

After reading the menu some more we asked our sweet little waitress for an opinion on some of the things.  Now…she could have lied and told us everything was great, but she earned major points for telling the truth.  She doesn’t eat red meat, so she couldn’t really help us on taste.  While this sort of thing is appalling to the two of us on certain levels, it’s a personal choice and we are NOT going to give her crap about working in a steakhouse…especially since she chose not to lie about it!

I ordered the Steak Sandwich with a side of Steak Fries (with no seasoning, please).  The waitress said it was NOT like those other places that make them with “those shredded steaks”, it was made with a Delmonico cut of steak.  Okay, sounded good to me!  I somehow still thought it would be CUT UP.  We are talking it was an actual STEAK on a bun!!!  I had my doubts that it could be eaten like this…then I took a bite.  It was SO tender and practically melted in your mouth!  But I did seem to have a problem keeping it on the bun.  So rather than offering up my good shirt to the “grease gods”, I took it off the bun and ate it like the buttery steak it was!!!  The bun by itself was still just as tasty, too.  The fries were freezer fries BUT…..they were the high quality kind that make you not care that you know they aren’t fresh!  WELL DONE, Firebirds, for making me eat every single freezer fry on my plate!!!

My darling had SAID he was going to get sirloin but then he ordered the A-1 Burger with a side of their Seasoned Steak Fries.  He was a little worried about it being “pepper crusted” but figured he could scrape it off if it was too much.  It wasn’t.  He said it was pretty peppery but not so much that it over-whelmed the taste of the burger.  He scraped off a bit so I could try a bite (I don’t care for pepper)…it was to DIE for!  So juicy and tender!  He, who hates freezer fries more than I do, ate every fry on his plate as well!!!

I mentioned that we were happy that we had saved the ranch from the rings.  We used it for dipping our fries in!  I think we might ASK for this ranch next time JUST so we can dip our fries in it!!!  The fries are decent enough to eat, sans sauce but with a dish of that wonderful ranch sitting there…we HAD to try it!

They had brought us a loaf of bread as well.  It turned out to be a light sour-dough type bread!  It was really good but VERY messy!!!  It left crumbs everywhere but we both agreed it was worth a little mess for a really good bread!

We would highly recommend this place to anyone!  There were several children there as well and even though we didn’t SEE them, when asked about high chairs, they said “of course”.  We wouldn’t hesitate going there again, even if we had our darling daughter with us!  The children’s menu is nicely varied too.

As for the bathrooms…

They will make you want to redecorate your bathroom!  They were GORGEOUS!!!  They even had REAL candles set into the walls (even in the stalls!).  The SINK was even awesome!  I’m pretty sure that if I take my mom there, she won’t be back for a while!  Heck, I wanted to sit there and enjoy it for longer than needed myself!!!  As sad as it sounds for my last thought…ladies, make sure you don’t miss the bathroom when you go!  Even if you don’t have to “go”, GO!!!    ;^)



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