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We LOVE Aoyama!  We love sushi, seafood, rice (especially fried rice) and steak so it stands to reason that we would love Aoyama.

The show alone makes the hibachi seating worth it but, no matter WHAT, food from the kitchen is never quite the same as food cook, expertly, right in front of you!  The feel of the heat on your face as the flames burst upwards…there’s nothing like it!!!  Granted, we’ve seen MANY children freak out and have to be escorted away to be soothed but if properly prepared, or if they are old enough, the look of shocked awe is SO fun to see!

As you may have guessed, we were seated along with three young ones that had never seen such a thing before.  They were thrilled and as cool as the boys tried to look, it was still evident on their faces.  The little girl had no qualms about showing how she felt!  After watching them through the “flame-up”, we settled in to watch our food being tossed about with amazing skill !!!

Down to our menu.

We both had the Seafood Deluxe(which includes lobster, shrimp and scallops) with a Filet Mignon add-on (it was only a dollar cheaper than surf and turf with a scallop add-on but HEY, that’s two bucks saved!).  I had double soup instead of a soup and a salad since I don’t care for their salad dressing.  I know from experience though that they will put the dressing on the side or even give you a plain salad if you happen to have a packet of your favorite dressing with you.  In case you’re wondering, YES, I have done that!  Don’t judge me, I’m actually very picky about my salad dressings!  If I can’t decide on a packet, I’ll pack up my own in a Tupperware kit cup.  After all, if I’m willing to take a bag full of containers somewhere because I KNOW I’ll have leftovers…why wouldn’t I take my own dressing?  My hubby is such a patient man.

I had the Oolong tea and Todd stuck to water (to help thin out the “sodium sweats” he so hates).  Everything comes with; the above mentioned soup and salad, mixed vegetables and rice (either fried or steamed).  We always choose fried rice, since we adore it.  This time, Todd ordered double rice…that’s how much HE loves it!

I had rice and a few shrimp left (I chose to leave shrimp left because I had a “leftover plan”, as my darling husband aptly calls it).  Todd had nothing but a few veggies left…which I packed up as well.

We knew that since we were going for lunch, we wouldn’t want a real supper but would still be peckish later on, so we ordered sushi to go.  I got the Super Roll (which is no longer on the menu but they will still make it if asked) with no red peppers please, and my darling had the Kimono Dragon roll.  They were both wonderful as well but, this time, they weren’t very well rolled so they tended to fall apart while we were eating them.  No big deal to us, we just used forks to support them instead of our chopsticks.

Speaking of chopsticks…that would be my only real complaint.  It probably wouldn’t be a problem for most but they switched chopsticks.  They now have the cheap crappy ones that are flat on the end and attached at the other end.  We prefer the ones that are separate and have the slightly pointy end, this makes it much easier to pick up small items such as a pea or other small vegetables.

We normally take our own from home but this time we were actually headed somewhere else and changed our minds at the last minute.  THIS is one reason, why I think we should keep a full set of utensils in the car.  Fork, spoon, knife AND chopsticks for each of us and a sharp knife to share.  We have run into situations where you are apparently expected to cut meat with a flimsy spork…so I think an emergency kit of utensils is called for…Todd doesn’t.  I will win the battle, in the end, because…well, I am a woman.  Plus, it’s my car and he has no idea what’s in it NOW, so he’ll never know if I add a fork or two.  ;^)