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Shirley’s Country Kitchen


My darling hubby drives by this little “mom and pop” a lot and so he decided that maybe we should try it.  We went for a late breakfast and all three of us were pretty hungry!  We left hungry too.  Well, maybe not the baby…she happily downed the cold pancake.

The atmosphere is friendly and the chairs are GREAT but they have no room to pull the lovely big chairs OUT.  They could actually benefit from removing about 6 tables.

I had, what they called a “Big Breakfast”.  There certainly could have been more home fries, my toast was so cold it was rubbery (the same goes for the pancake I mentioned earlier) and they, like so many others, don’t really know how to make a good over-easy egg.  The biggest beef I had (besides the cold toast & pancake) was that they used MARGARINE on my toast.  I absolutely HATE when people ruin my toast with margarine.  It should be a crime to do so unless they ask or it is written in the description (so I can tell them to use BUTTER)!!!  To make it look bigger it was served on what would NORMALLY be a household serving tray.  It was a pretty tray and our daughter kept trying to take it from me because she liked the butterflies on it but it sort of makes you feel a bit like a pig when your food comes on a TRAY rather than a plate!

The man whom I will NOT let pick places alone again, had corned beef hash and eggs.  He’s not usually picky about HOW his eggs come but when he saw how little there was, even HE asked if I thought they used small eggs as he scowled down at his plate!  He used to corned beef hash coming PILED on a plate.  His toast was cold, rubbery and made with margarine too.  Neither of us were completely upset but we weren’t exactly happy either.

We saw precious little of our waitress so she got precious little of a tip from us.  We are usually fairly big tippers too!

As SOON as we walked out the door we started discussing where to go to get something to fill the void that was still present after our meal.